We understand that balancing technology and worship is delicate. Streamlining this process can help insure success.


Simplify and enhance the control and use of complex systems.


Media systems are complex. Sometimes just getting an image from a laptop up on the screen and a simple microphone working can seem like a daunting endeavor. In the past this could require complex instruction sheets (if you can find them) and sometimes a trained technician to get it all going. Not anymore. What if a simple push of a button or the touch of a screen can automate and monitor everything you need?

Let’s take the example above. A guest is presenting a lecture in the sanctuary. She walks up to a touch screen panel. The panel asks her what she would like to do? We refer to this as activity based control. She sees the button that says “Presentation with laptop/tablet”. Touching this button triggers a series of events in the background.

  • The screens are lowered
  • The projector is turned on
  • The Lighting in the room is set
  • The video switcher is turned on
  • The audio system is turned on
  • The amplifiers are turned on
  • The video switcher selects the correct input.
  • The automated audio mixer is activated (That’s right no sound person needed for this!).
    • Activates the wireless microphone
    • Activates the computer audio input
    • Monitors and adjusts the sound input levels for you.
    • Audio is routed to the appropriate areas such as the sanctuary and assisted listening, however not to the hallway, foyer, and cry room.
    • System maintains and monitors an appropriate sound level in the room.
  • A picture is displayed showing the presenter where to plug in their laptop.
  • A help screen is also available because perhaps the person presenting is not aware of settings they may need to change on their laptop, so let’s help them.
  • When finished the “I’m Done” button safely turns everything off.

Even though a complex audio console, video system, and lighting control board may be in the room they were never touched or looked at by the presenter in this scenario, yet everything functioned as if a trained technician was there doing it for you.  


System automation has become very cost effective. There was a time when this was reserved for costly installations however you may be surprised at how affordable this is. Give us a call.